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Japan Yutapon Rilakkuma Microwave Heat Bag Multiple Use

  • Brand:Yutapon
  • Availability:Out of Stock
$35.90 Incl GST

Japan Yutapon Rilakkuma Microwave Heat Bag Multiple Use

No batteries or power supply are needed for this product, which are very popular with Japanese working women. The covers are washable and inside of each Yutapon there is a special gel pack that retains and releases heat slowly. The feet cushion alone still works after seven hours!

The Microwavable Yutapon Heater features:

  • Dimension: 18x25cm
  • Each Yutapon has a gel pack in a double-layered bag. Do not break the outer bag.
  • Outer covers are washable
  • Heat in the microwave: up to 3 minutes (500W), 1 minute 50 seconds (1000W)
  • Heat cautiously. Do not overheat and always test before placing Yutapon on your skin

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