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You got to order the Love to Dream sleep suit and swaddle!

Love to dream sleep suits and swaddles are perfect for keeping your baby warm, covered, and comfortable. Moreover, love to dream sleep suits allow plenty of room for movement and growth. They come in a number of styles and are an excellent clothing choice for babies. On the other hand, love to dream swaddles will not only calm and soothe your little one, but will also help them sleep longer.

Love to Dream Sleep Suit

It ensures your little one is the right temperature

With love to dream sleep suit, you can be at peace knowing your baby won’t be too cold or too hot at night. The beauty of sleep suits is that they come with a guide that helps you know what your child should be wearing at any given temperature.

They don’t come off in the middle of the night

The beauty of love to dream sleep suit is that it stays on no matter what position your little ones get themselves into. It is a blessing for already tired parents. It gives parents a chance to get a good night’s sleep, rather than having to rush to replace a duvet that has been thrown off during the night.

They can make up an important part of the bedtime routine

Love to dream sleep suit becomes a part of the bedtime ritual. When it is on, it means that finally, it is bedtime. Babies love to snuggle in good quality sleep suits that make them warm, comfortable, and give the right amount of security necessary for a sound night’s sleep.

They are a good investment

A sleep suit by love to dream lasts for a couple of years hence making them a good investment. Plus, they stay the same for a year. Given that you use them every night, they do represent great value.

Love to Dream Swaddles

Swaddling Stops the Startle Reflex

Newborn babies are born with a startle reflex. Moreover, this reflex causes their legs and hands to go up while they are sleeping. If your baby is not wrapped properly, their hands can shoot up and hit their face. Love to Dream swaddles help your little ones sleep soundly.

Swaddling Helps Babies Sleep Longer

Babies do not tend to sleep through the night, but at the same time, parents are craving some good shut-eye. Swaddle by love to dream helps babies sleep longer. The Dream Swaddle keeps the baby’s temperature regulated and gives them the feeling of being in the womb. The more comfortable your baby is, the longer they are likely to sleep.

Swaddled Babies Can’t Scratch Their Face

Sometimes, it gets difficult to trim newborn baby’s nails because they have such tiny fingers. In case the baby wakes up due to trouble falling asleep, they may rub or scratch their face. When your baby is wrapped well in love to dream swaddle, their arms are tucked in tight, therefore they won’t be able to scratch their face.