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Which Baby Bottle to Purchase for a Newborn?

As soon as you enter a baby store, the baby bottle options will likelyconfuse you. No need to be overwhelmed; all new parents go through the process.We present to you a baby bottle guide that will assist you in making the rightdecision.

Special features

There are special bottles that come with a venting feature. The baby isconstantly sucking up the air during their feed from their baby bottle. Aventilation quality ensures the baby is not taking too much air, which can helpthem to spit up.

The milk can go everywhere, and it can be challenging to clean. Thesmell of spit-up milk can be disgusting too. Therefore, a venting bottle is agod-send for babies who are newly taken to the bottle. Furthermore, these arealso excellent for babies who suffer from colic. It keeps their digestivesystem relaxed so they can fill up their belly with yummy nutrients.

The material

The baby bottlesalso come manufactured in numerous materials. Let’s shed some light on themindividually.


Most commonly, baby bottles are made up of plastic. They do not breakand are easily portable too. You do not have to worry about carelessly droppingthem or taking them on a car ride. Nowadays, these bottles are manufacturedwithout the BPA. They are microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


Baby bottles also come in a glass version. Their durability is questionable;however, silicone sleeves prevent these bottles from shattering. Regardless,they are heavyweight for the children and the parents. They will also cost apretty penny.


The next form of water bottles available is manufactured out ofsilicone. These will last a very long time. Silicone bottles are also easy totravel around, and they are manufactured without BPA. However, they are lessexpensive than glass bottles but more than plastic bottles.

Stainless steel

Go with the stainless steel baby bottles if you want to go for theever-lasting route.  These do not containtoxins or chemicals. However, you cannot see the milk inside these bottles, soit is a complete guess game. You cannot assess how much milk the baby has drunkor how much you put in initially. Maybe that is why it costs an arm and a leg?

The shape

You may have noticed water bottles with different shapes. Though you maythink it entices the buyer, there is a safety protocol involved. Angular baby bottles prevent thebabies from swallowing too much air. The wider bottles are present to mimicbreasts to eliminate nipple confusion for the newborn. Lastly, the baby bottleswith wider necks aids in cleaning them better.

The nipple

The only component regarding the baby bottles we should be worried about is thenipple. These nipples come with different flow rates as per age group. You willknow the baby is up to the next nipple size when it stops taking the presentnipple. You may also want to replace nipples with new ones when they start tothin out, crack, or become an unhealthy yellow color.

Most of the nipples are made from silicone. These will maintain theirshape because of the durable structure. However, latex is more accommodating tothe newborn, but it won’t last long. You may want to figure out if your childis allergic to latex or not before attaching a latex nipple.