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Wakodo Baby Cream 60g Fragrance Free

$16.90 Incl GST

Wakodo Baby Cream 60g Fragrance Free

AKODO Mirufuwa Baby Cream – 60g

Wakodo was founded by Professor and surgeon Tsukasa Hirota in 1906. In the 100th year anniversary, Wakodo joined one of the largest companies, Asahi, in 2006, becoming one of the biggest baby food producers in Japan.

Producer: Wakodo
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 60g

Formulated with ingredients that have a moisturizing effect on the skin, and a variety of moisturizing ingredients. Can be used on the face or hands where it is easy to dry, and can also be used for body care. The moisturizing feeling is not sticky. Natural moisturizing ingredients, low irritation, weak acidity, no fragrance, no color, no parabens, no alcohol, no mineral oil.

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