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Use diaper changing mat to change your baby's diaper

For parents, every task related to their baby is enjoyable even if it’s changing diapers. During the first week of birth, a baby sleeps more and feeds less. However, with passing days, the baby gets used to breast milk or bottle feeding and hence poops more often. Eventually, you’ll have to change diapers 5-10 times a day. While this task can be demanding, you can make it manageable with the help of a diaper changing matIt is a tool that makes your diaper changing job easier for many reasons.

What Is a Diaper Changing Mat?

A changing mat is a layer of cloth or cushion that you lay on the area where you change your baby’s diaper. It provides comfort to your baby and also ensures the mattress underneath remains clean.

Benefits of Using a Diaper Changing Mat

Maintains Nursery Room Cleanliness

A changing mat helps you to keep your nursery room clean. If you change your baby’s diaper in the nursery room, on the bed or changing table, the mat will ensure the cloth underneath is not stained by poop or pee. Even if your baby throws tantrums while changing a diaper, the mat will make sure the mess is not spread all over.

Keeps Your Baby Comfortable

Parents forget about the mess when babies cry and do not stay still while they are changing their diapers. The best thing about diaper changing mats in NZ is that they are available in different materials. For summers, you can buy mats made of cotton material, while you can opt for mats made with polyester or fleece for cold weather. This way, you will ensure your little ones are cool during hotter days and warm in winters.

A Clean Pad Outdoors

Most public areas like malls and salons are parent and baby-friendly. They have comfort rooms for changing diapers. However, you may be a little hesitant to lay your baby on a public changing bed. That’s when changing mats come in. They help keep your baby safe from microscopic germs and bacteria. Your child will lie on a clean mat and will be relaxed as the cloth will be familiar to them.

Portable for Travel

Whether you are planning to go on a trip to the beach or to visit your relative for a couple of days, with a good changing mat you won’t have to worry about ruining someone else’s sheets. Most mats come in compact designs that can easily be folded, rolled, and inserted into the bag. When the diaper changing time comes, find a private place, pull it out and use it.

A Cute Addition to Your Nursery Décor

There are tons of cute diaper changing mats you can choose from. You can opt for pads with adorable stars, teddy bears, or flowers. However, you can also go for plain colors that match the background of your room or match your nursery bedding. Whatever your choice, just make sure you and your baby’s comfort comes first.