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Thermos Vacuum Insulated Cooker "Shuttle Chef" 4.5L (Brown)

$288.00 Incl GST

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Cooker "Shuttle Chef" 4.5L (Brown)

Product introduction
  • 4.5L
    For 4 to 6 people
  • A shallow two-handed cooking pot with an inner diameter of 20 cm.
    A two-handed cooking pot with an inner diameter of 20 cm.
  • It is a product that can be used with a 200V electromagnetic cooker (IH cooking heater) in addition to gas.
    Compatible with 200V electromagnetic cooker
  • It comes with a cooking book with special recipes, so you can make delicious food from the day you buy it.
    With cooking book
From a rich lineup of convenient functions unique to Shuttle Chef

Thermal cooker saves energy and makes the best use of the deliciousness of the ingredients without spending time and effort. Leave it to the shuttle chef to simmer quickly. It is a chic colour design that suits any kitchen. It supports 200V IH


Since it can maintain a high temperature for a long time compared to ordinary pots, it is possible to cook while keeping it warm.

Cooking with high heat retention effect

With lid holder

It is convenient to put the cooking pot lid inside the heat insulation container lid.

With lid holder
Platform that is hard to burn

The bottom of the cooking pot has a 5.0 mm thick bottom design that easily conducts heat and does not burn easily. (Including beam bottom)

Platform that is hard to burn

Compatible with various heat sources

It can be used in any home regardless of the heat source.

Compatible with various heat sources

Energy-saving and economical

A heat-retaining container that traps "heat" and cooks, saving a lot of time and energy-related to cooking. Since no fire is used during heat retention, it is energy-saving, safe, and economical.

Energy saving and economical

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