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The Purpose of using a baby teether

Teething can be extremely uncomfortable for babies. It is the phase where babies might get super cranky and frustrated, which can result in anxiety for the parents. There is no denying that teething is one of the major developments in babies. The only issue is that the first few teeth will be a little painful for babies. However, the teether phase is different for every baby.

Listed below are some of the noticeable symptoms that show the baby is teething:

· Excessive drooling

· Cranky behavior

· Chewing on different items

· Sore or swollen gums

Why do babies use teethers?

As babies enter the teething phase, their urge to put different items in their mouth increases. Chewing on various things eases their pair. A teether is designed specially for babies as it helps in soothing gums during the teething phase. Young children feel relieved when they chew on a teether. You may have noticed that your little one chews on toys, keys, or blankets. Since babies chew on whatever they can find, it is best to have a teether for them rather than letting them teethe on other things.

Choosing the teether

You must pay special attention when shopping for the teether. Whether you are planning on buying a natural teething toy or teething rings, you ought to assess the toy carefully. Keeping the following features in mind will help you choose the best one:


This is one of the most important factors you must look for when choosing the best teether. You do not want to keep replacing the teething toy frequently. Find the ones made of sturdy rubber, wood, or silicone that will stay intact after several uses. The truth is that babies can be rough with teethers because they are trying their best to soothe their gums with it. So always go for a durable one.


It is advisable to choose a teether that is easy to clean. Nowadays, there are a variety of teething toys available with unique shapes. However, you must buy the one that offers easy cleaning and sterilizing.


Teethers are quite affordable, but some brands will offer a higher price. It is important to ensure you are not buying a teething toy that you can easily buy for a low amount.

Design and safety

The design will play a major role in soothing the gums. This is the reason you should get your hands on a teether that has a good grip for the baby to hold it, a texture that soothes gums, and must be big enough. Moreover, it is critical to ensure you are buying a phthalate and BPA-free teether.

Is it necessary to use a teether?

Teethers are not necessary for all babies, but they are great for easing tooth eruption pain. Babies generally enjoy chewing on teething toys as they can help relieve inflamed gums. Besides that, one of the biggest advantages of a teether is that it can help with speech production by assisting your little one in getting aware of their mouth and strengthening facial muscles.