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The Guide to Swaddle a New Born

Congratulations on the new addition to your humble family! You may beginto notice they sleep longer and take long trips to dreamland when they areswaddled. They are experiencing less anxiety, so you can go spend a few hourswithout worrying about your little one. Following are a few techniques toswaddle successfully.

  1. 1.  We have now learned how to do it correctlysince the concept of baby swaddling was introduced. Parents are learning how toswaddle to calmdown the baby while providing adequate comfort. There is a concept such as over-swaddle. When the parentsapply unnecessary blankets to wrap the baby, it results in overheating. Youwill know when your child is heating up when their hair becomes wet, and theybegin swearing uncontrollably.  Ensurethe cloth you chose to wrap the child is light and breathable.
  2. 2.   Traditional blanket does not work for newbornbabies. Since these bundles of joys have no sense of direction, they are likelyto unravel every 15 minutes. In unfortunate cases, the blankets can cover theirface, restricting their air supply. It can cause overheating or suffocation. Baby swaddle eliminates theexhaustive tasks of constantly wrapping the baby in blankets. Your child willsleep peacefully without the risk of rolling around on the bed.
  3. 3.   If you asked our parents or grandparents, theywould suggest wrapping the child with their arms over the side. However, withthe help of research, it has been concluded such a position can result inmobility challenges later on. The child will also experience joint problems. The parents areadvised to put the baby’s hands over the chest before wrapping. Assuming a swaddle sack does notrequire wrapping. In that case, put the hands on the chest and zip them up.
  4. 4.   A baby swaddle will ensure it hugs the babycomfortably so it can still move around naturally. If the babies are swaddledin blankets too tightly, they will likely experience hip dysplasia. A looseswaddle will allow hops to move freely without refraining from leg movements.
  5. 5.  Place the baby on their back when it is time toswaddle or put themto sleep. Refrain rolling them over the tummy as this can cause them torebreathe their own hair. The baby is likely to overheat, so remember, puttingthe baby on its back is your new best friend.
  6. 6.  Congratulations if you are newborn have startedto roll over! It might be time to stop swaddling. However, consult the babydoctor or a baby sleep therapist before taking any concrete steps. The key to asuccessful transition is leaving the baby’s arms free. This is likely to makeswaddling safer and prevent any suffocation hazards. Remember to put away smalltoys or unnecessary pillows as they may cause suffocation too.
  7. 7.  Though swaddling is safety protocol, it is notwise to swaddle them every day. Learn their bodies and schedule and let themhang around freely. Allow them some time to develop and build their ownroutine. Babies will need freedom as they grow up. They will learn what theylike and what they don’t like. Therefore,swaddling is most preferred during the very early stages after birth. However,some may like the warm fuzzy feeling up to 9 months, depending on the baby.

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