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Sunstar Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste (Peach Mint) 130g

$9.50 Incl GST

Sunstar Ora2 Stain Clear Toothpaste (Peach Mint) 130g

Enhanced high cleanliness pro-silica molecules improve contact with the tooth surface and enhance stain removal

Stain inhibiting molecules effectively dissolve stains and inhibit adhesion

Coffee and black tea are the main causes of tartar, so this toothpaste will restore your teeth to their original whiteness. Available in 3 flavours in a gorgeous packaging design, this toothpaste is a pleasure to brush every day for brighter, whiter teeth.

・White teeth and prevent tooth decay

Prevents tobacco tartar and bad breath

Highly scavenging silica molecules: 2 sizes of silica molecules (scavengers) for more effective tartar removal.

Tartar control: Tartar control (dissolver ASS) softens and dissolves tartar even in hard-to-reach areas and keeps it from adhering to the tooth surface, keeping teeth white.

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