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Richell Drink Bottle 240ml - Peanuts

$35.90 Incl GST

Richell Drink Bottle 240ml - Peanuts

This slim mug has a direct drinking spout in a clear bottle that makes it easy to see what is inside.

Direct drinking spout: The same flow rate as that of adults allows for a smooth transition to a tumbler.

2-way: The lid of one bottle can be switched to use it as a direct drinking mug or a tumbler.

Transparency like glass: The material is transparent and durable Tritan, which makes it easy to see the contents. Tritan is a transparent, durable material that makes it easy to see what is inside the bottle.

Tritan is a trademark of Eastman Chemical.

Easy to clean and hygienic: No straw, fewer parts, and easy to clean.

Slim shape: Fits easily into the pocket of a bag or backpack.

Easy to clean and hygienic: Straw-less design with fewer parts for easy cleaning. Easy to open and close with a single push.

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