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Pigeon Baby Clear Oil 80mL

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Pigeon Baby Clear Oil 80mL

This Pigeon Baby Massage Oil is Japan's most popular botanical massage oil for babies.

Made with 100% natural plant-based ingredients, it contains no mineral oil, no fragrance or colouring.

It is gentle, with a moderate pH level and absorbs quickly without greasiness.

The oil is a gentle, pH-neutral oil that absorbs quickly and without greasiness, and maintains the moisture balance, leaving the skin smooth and healthy for newborn strokes.

Specially formulated with ceramide, a lipid that is naturally found in the body between the cells of the stratum corneum.

It forms a film on the skin that prevents the evaporation of water, thus providing a moisturising effect.

What is foetus lipid?

A white layer of oil on the newborn's skin, carried from the mother's tummy.

It protects the foetus' skin from amniotic fluid and maintains a constant body temperature, which is medically known as "foetus fat".

Product features

Gently massage onto baby's skin after bathing for smooth and delicate skin.

Can be dipped into cotton swabs to remove ear and nose wax.

The oil is effective in removing the dirt without damaging the baby's delicate skin.

Made from 100% natural, vegetable-based ingredients and free from mineral oil.

Colourless, fragrance-free, weakly acidic and low irritation.

How to use

Cleanse hands before use, e.g. to cleanse dander, soften crusts, etc. Use with baby cotton swabs.

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