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Pigeon Glass Baby Nursing Bottle with M Teat 240ml - Green

$31.90 Incl GST

Pigeon Glass Baby Nursing Bottle with M Teat 240ml - Green

Pigeon Glass Baby Nursing Bottle with M Teat 240ml - Green

A baby bottle that reliably supports breastfeeding!
Pigeon breastfeeding is a baby bottle that can

(1) keep your lips tight so that air does not escape,

(2) move your tongue smoothly

(3) drink gently and slowly. It meets all three principles necessary for better feeding, so it is easy to use with breasts and supports breastfeeding.

Made of heat-resistant glass.
Wide mouth type that is easy to wash and prepare.
Easy-to-hold bottles with a gentle round shape that are difficult to roll.
From 3 months.

Food cap: Polypropylene
Nipple: Synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)
Bottle: Borosilicate glass

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