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Pigeon Flourine Coat Before Sleep 6 Month+ 40ml

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Pigeon Flourine Coat Before Sleep 6 Month+ 40ml

Tooth decay prevention & tooth strengthening!

The enamel of milk teeth is weak, so infancy is a time when the risk of wormy teeth is higher.

Therefore, strengthening the teeth with fluoride care after teething can prevent wormy teeth.

This product, developed in conjunction with a paediatric dentist, contains tiny bubbles of fluoride that reach all corners of the teeth.

A simple fluoride treatment that can be applied at home.

Naturally sweet freshens the mouth and protects the teeth.

Fosters healthy teeth and oral environment

Product features

1 Foaming toothpaste, easy to apply

The fine foam stays firmly on the toothbrush and does not fall off easily.

It also penetrates easily between the teeth.

2 No need to rinse your mouth after use.

If you are concerned, you can rinse and spit it out or wipe it off with a clean gauze, etc.

3 Made from ingredients used in food, except for the active ingredient.

The natural sweetness of xylitol makes it pleasant and uncomfortable for children to use.

4 Non-abrasive, non-coloured, non-flavoured, non-preservative, safe to use.

Product benefits

Prevents gingivitis, prevents the development and aggravation of tooth decay, prevents bad breath, whites teeth and

Purifies the mouth and freshens the breath


Infants and children from 6 months of age

Health tips

Brush your teeth after drinking milk or juice and after eating.

The most important thing to prevent tooth decay is to brush your teeth every day.

Once every six months, visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

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