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Pigeon Additive-Free Leaves SPF20 of UV Baby roll-on Thigh

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Pigeon Additive-Free Leaves SPF20 of UV Baby roll-on Thigh

Pigeon Additive-Free Leaves SPF20 of UV Baby roll-on Thigh
Skin-friendly sunscreen
Contains moisturizing ingredients and also peach extract
Suitable for 0 months babies
Protect baby skin from UV damage with SPF 20+
Prevents dryness and skin irritation
Can easily remove it with soap
Roll-on type that is easy to repaint on the go
It does not remain white because it is transparent
Weight: 25g
Made in Japan
Non-chemical (ultraviolet rays absorbent nonuse). Additive-free (alcohol, fragrance, coloring agent, paraben).
Skinirritating tested

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