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P&G Febreze Fabric Double Sterilizing and Deodorizing Spray 370ml (natural fragrance)

$12.90 Incl GST

P&G Febreze Fabric Double Sterilizing and Deodorizing Spray 370ml (natural fragrance)

Natural Fragrance

♥ 3D soaking and sterilizing, increasing the mixing amount of penetrating ingredients, helping the penetration of effective ingredients, and going deep into the fabric for deodorization and disinfection. ♥ According to P&G market research, about 40% of respondents prefer tastelessness, which is one of the factors that many consumers are looking for. ♥ The deodorant ingredient derived from corn can be used in bedding and clothing that directly touches the skin, and is also suitable for infants and young children. ♥ Suitable for fabrics, such as pillows, cushions, bedding, clothing, carpets, etc. ♥ Product capacity: 370ml ♥ How to use: Please spray about 20~30 cm away, and the surface is slightly moist. Precautions * Do not use on leather, fur, silk, acetate, Cupra, and products that have undergone special treatment (such as waterproofing) and cannot be washed (please refer to the bottle label) * Do not place it in a place where young children can easily obtain it * Do not place in direct sunlight

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