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Moony Organic Cotton Pants XL - XXL 22pcs (13-28kg) - Boys - For shipping outside Auckland urban, please contact us

$27.00 Incl GST

Moony Organic Cotton Pants XL - XXL 22pcs (13-28kg) - Boys - For shipping outside Auckland urban, please contact us

Suitable Weight 13kg to 28kg


  • Surface Material: Polyolefin, polyester non-woven fabric
  • Absorbent Material: Cotton pulp, absorbent paper, high-molecular absorbent polymer
  • Waterproof Material: Polyolefin film
  • Fastening Material: Polyolefin
  • Elastic Material: Polyurethane
  • Binding Material: Styrene-based elastomer synthetic resin

Outer Material: Polyethylene

Precautions for Use

  • Change soiled diapers as soon as possible.
  • Do not apply tape directly to the skin.
  • To prevent accidental ingestion or choking, store in a safe place and dispose of immediately after use.

Storage Precautions

After opening, store in a sanitary manner to prevent dust and insects from entering.

Disposal after Use

  • Dispose of feces attached to diapers in the toilet.
  • Roll the soiled part inward and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.
  • Do not flush diapers down the toilet.
  • Dispose of used diapers according to the rules of your local area.
  • Take used diapers with you when you go out.

Additional Information

The Japanese text you provided appears to be instructions for a disposable diaper. The instructions cover the following topics:

  • Suitable weight for the diaper
  • Materials used in the diaper
  • Precautions for using the diaper
  • How to store the diaper
  • How to dispose of the diaper

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