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Lion Bath Anti-mold Fog Smoke Agent 5g (pink)

$15.90 Incl GST

Lion Bath Anti-mold Fog Smoke Agent 5g (pink)

Water fume type all-around mould removal and preventive protection for the whole toilet room, including ceiling, extractor fan, tile seam ...... etc.

No dead space, the time limit can reach 1~2 months

Application method.

After cleaning the bath (good effect after cleaning) the same water smoke type goods, no installation, power, just add water!

Transparent shell adds water to the scale line, directly into the metal can cover the outer lid, placed in the centre of the bathroom

It will start to work for about 1.5 hours.

Turn on the toilet fan (or open the door to ventilate for about 30 minutes after use.

Water fume composition: Ag silver ions, no need to clean toothbrushes, towels and other hygiene products after use.

Safe for the family has children, and the elderly can also be used without fear!

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