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Japan Earth Washbasin Foam Cleaner 200ml

$16.90 Incl GST

Japan Earth Washbasin Foam Cleaner 200ml

Use the principle of high-pressure powerful foam spray to clean the main drain and sub-drain

Add IPMP germicidal formula to effectively kill bacteria deep down

No added chloramines (NH2Cl)

Specially designed nozzle, suitable for different drain sizes

Refreshing soap scent

Please shake up and down about 10 times before use.

1. Turn in the direction of ON to unlock

2. Pick up the drain cover, then cover the nozzle with the drain.

3. Stand the clean spray vertically on the drain, press for 3~7 seconds and stop when you see bubbles coming out from another small hole

4. Let it stand for 30 minutes and then clean it

Depending on the structure of the drain, there may be cases where no bubbles come out.

*It is recommended that a spraying time of about 3 to 7 seconds (about 30 seconds for all the spraying of a can)

*Need to be used upright


*Please pay attention to air circulation when using

*Please do not use together with other chemicals

Please be careful not to touch copper or brass products such as faucets and ball chains.

Do not use for other purposes

In case of accidental contact with eyes or mouth, please rinse with water and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Do not place in freezing, hot and humid places or in direct sunlight.

Do not place in places that are not easily accessible to infants, pets or people with cognitive impairment

Origin: Japan

Content: 200ml

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