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Johnson Scrubbing Bubble Flushable Toilet Brush Replacement Pack (Soap) 12pcs

$11.90 Incl GST

Johnson Scrubbing Bubble Flushable Toilet Brush Replacement Pack (Soap) 12pcs

TO ASSEMBLE: Snap the two handle pieces together until the tabs lock. Assembly is permanent.

  1. Open pouch by cutting at the dotted line. Break off one pad.

  2. Slide blue button on handle away from you to open the jaws fully. Line jaws up with a pad, grasp the pad, then slide button toward you until you hear a CLICK.

  3. Immerse pad in cleaner and swish to activate cleaner. Scrub bowl, including under the rim.

  4. Slide blue button away from you to release pad into the toilet. Flush the dirty pad away!

  5. Store handle on the stand.

NOTE: Any toilet and drain line can clog if overloaded with bulk waste. For best results, flush only one pad at a time and separately from other tissue or wipes. IF USING A LIFT PUMP, DO NOT FLUSH PADS. Store handle and unused pads in a dry place. Reuse the handle with a clean flushable pad.

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