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Japan Earth Insecticide For Clothes 10pcs (Rose)

$18.90 Incl GST

Japan Earth Insecticide For Clothes 10pcs (Rose)

The repellent ingredient that doesn't get odor spreads everywhere and protects important clothes from insects. It can be used in combination with other insect repellents.

Total care for clothing problems!

< Insect repellent > The repellent ingredient that doesn't get odor spreads everywhere and protects important clothes from insects. 
Also, in addition to the insect repellent effect, it makes it difficult to get rid of the ticks you care about.

※ We confirm the repelling effect of indoor dusty mites. The effect depends on the environment.

< deodorize > The deodorant ingredient deodorizes firmly the smell that came in the storage space. 
< Mildew > Inhibits mold growth with antifungal ingredients and protects clothing from the mold. 
< Yellowishness prevention > Pulp grains with anti-yellowing ingredients prevent yellowing during clothing storage.

Time of replacement clearly

Please replace it when the pink particles become purple.

Odorless type without odor

It can be used with any insect repellent such as paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, ginger and so on.

Woolmark certified product (certified I 0007)

When used in accordance with the handling label of clothing and the handling label issued by the manufacturer of this insect repellent, it is a product certified by Woolmark as an insect repellent suitable for use with clothing with wool marking.

< With yellowing prevention effect >

By adsorbing nitrogen oxides (NOx), which is one of the causes of yellowing, it prevents yellowing. 
Nitrogen oxides adhere to clothing, causing yellowing when stored as-is.

Nitrogen oxides: Substances contained in gas generated from oil stoves, gas stoves, water heaters, etc. and exhaust gas from automobiles.

Pulp grains with anti-yellowing component adsorb nitrogen oxides!

※ There is no effect on yellowing caused by food spills and sweat stains.

※ There is no effect to erase the yellowing that has already occurred.

※ Effect varies depending on the fabric and material.

How to Use

Please put on clothes. Two to four in the drawer (50 L) of the dress and two to four in the costume case (50 L) are guidelines for the number. 
Store the used formulation in a clear plastic container inside, store it with a lid, and use it early.

[Standard usage amount]

  • 2 to 4 drawers for the closet (50 L)

    Drawer of the chest: 50 L (width 90 cm × depth 43 cm × depth 13 cm)

  • 2 to 4 pieces of costume case (50 L)

    Costume case: 50 L (width 36 cm × depth 50 cm × depth 28 cm)

Before storage

  • Please clean the clothes properly.
  • Dry the clothes well.
  • Remove the cleaning cover etc.

[Place of use]

Drawer, costume case 
※ It can also be used for gold thread, silver thread, Japanese clothes (kimono, obi, kimono accessories), lame-processed products (clothes with metal decoration), buttons (metal, plastics), fur and leather.

Note: When using the above clothing, place the product on paper or use it without touching the clothing directly.

Usage Notes

  • Keep out of reach of children. It may cause misfeeding.
  • When replacing clothes, ventilate the room properly.
  • Please follow the amount of use stated in the package.
  • Please use it in closed storage space.
  • You can not eat this product. If you ate, tell the product that it is a pyrethroid repellent and consult your doctor.
  • Do not use it for any purpose other than specified. (The antifungal effect is an effect only when it is used in the application of a pesticidal product.)
  • Please store the package bag while using the product for the purpose of dealing with mis-eating

    【Preservation method】

    • Seal and store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

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