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Kincho Natural Anti-mite Spray 350ml

$16.90 Incl GST

Kincho Natural Anti-mite Spray 350ml

Kincho Dust Mite Repellent Spray is a spray that can be used on bedding and pillows to repel dust mites. Mites proliferate when there is high temperature & humidity, food and a place to nest. By frequently spraying, cleaning and airing out, it repels mites.

Spray to repel dust mites

Spray on areas prone to mites e.g. futons, pillows, etc

Naturally derived ingredients from plants, safe for children and babies

Contains deodorant and sterilizing ingredients extracted from plants

Releases a fragrance that masks the odor of sweat & body that attracts mites

Contains cinnamon-derived ingredient "cinnamil acetate" that mites dislike.

Eliminates unpleasant odors and prevents the growth of germs that cause odors.

Safe for Infant.

Spray 4-5 times for effect lasting 1 month

No insecticides

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