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Kobayashi Kettle Cleaning Agent (3pks)

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Kobayashi Kettle Cleaning Agent (3pks)

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Citric acid descaling agent for electric kettle cleaning 3 packs in.

A detergent for electric kettles.

Using the power of negative ions to remove the dirt inside the kettle that the detergent can't wash off.

Soaking power can clean all corners of the kettle.

At the same time, 100% citric acid is added.

It can easily wash the water alkali and dirt attached to the inside of the kettle.

Product Features

1 Scale removal.

Can quickly decompose the limescale attached to the inner liner or inner wall.

2 Deodorization and odor removal.

Can effectively remove water alkali from water to prevent drinking water infection.

3 Prevent scaling.

It can effectively prevent scaling, and is widely used in various occasions.

4 Widely used, easy to use, easy to solve the trouble of water scale.

How to use

1 Pour water in the liner to the full water scale line, pour in 1 packet of chemicals.

2 Cover the lid.

3 Connect the power supply (plug in), boil hot water and leave it for about 1 hour.

In order to clean the kettle without using it, please stick the attached sticker in a conspicuous place.

4 Remove the power (plug-in), open the lid, and pour the detergent in the sink and throw it away.

5 When dirt remains, wipe with a sponge.

6 After washing, rinse the inner liner of the kettle 4~5 times.

Depending on the type and degree of dirt, it may not be possible to remove the dirt.


1 Do not boil on empty. It may cause burns, electric shock or short circuit,

Also do not exceed the full water line of the kettle when adding water.

2 When cleaning the kettle, please be careful not to burn it because it is hot water.

Please keep it out of the reach of children.

3 Please wear kitchen gloves when cleaning.

4 Do not use for other purposes.

5 Please use immediately after opening.

6 Do not store in a hot or humid place.

Also, the product cannot remove discoloration inside the kettle caused by heating.

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