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Fujiya Lollipop 21pcs (Four flavours)

$8.50 Incl GST

Fujiya Lollipop 21pcs (Four flavours)

The natural fruit sweetness, lubricious texture, flattened head and sweet and sour taste buds are fully satisfied.

Sweet but not overpowering, a completely different taste from the domestic lollipops!

Each lollipop is different from the others, with a three-dimensional design of various animals.

This lollipop is not very sweet, so parents who are afraid of their children eating too much sugar can rest assured.

Specially formulated with green tea polyphenols to effectively kill oral bacteria and prevent tooth decay in babies.

The thin and delicate lollipop fits the baby's small mouth and is easy to eat and suck.

Flat design prevents baby from slipping down the throat; even if baby swallows it, it will not get stuck in the throat.

Environmentally friendly paper sticks that won't poke your baby and are hygienic and safe.

Raw materials

Maltose syrup, sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, food flavouring, natural colours,

(beetroot red, beta-carotene, safflower yellow, gardenia blue, purple gum red, red currant red) green tea extract.


Strawberry, Peach, Raisin and Orange in a comprehensive pack of 4 flavours, containing real fruit juices for a pure taste.

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