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Kao Glass Foam Cleaning Agent 400ml

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Kao Glass Foam Cleaning Agent 400ml

    This drip-resistant foam spray adheres well and quickly removes dirt without the need for repeated wiping. It can easily clean window glass that has become dull due to dust and mirrors in the washroom that have become cloudy due to fingerprints, leaving them sparkling clean without streaks.

【Glass and mirror cleaner】


Instructions for use:

[How to use]

Spray and immediately wipe with a dry cloth. (No need to repeat wiping)

For heavy dirt, lightly remove it with a damp cloth before use.

If streaks occur, use a tightly squeezed cloth to wipe.


●Do not use it for any other purpose.

●Do not place within reach of children.

●Pay attention to the placement to prevent accidental ingestion by individuals with cognitive disorders, etc.

●Be sure to store in the "STOP" position.

●Do not spray while in the "STOP" position.

●For locations higher than the eyes, wipe with a sponge or cloth.

●Use in a well-ventilated area.

●After use, wash hands thoroughly with water.

●If you have sensitive skin or need to use it for a long time, use kitchen gloves.

[Emergency measures]

●If it gets in your eyes, rinse immediately with running water without rubbing your eyes.

●If swallowed, rinse your mouth and drink water for emergency treatment.

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