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P&G Ariel Bio Detergent 4D Gel Ball (Green) - Indoor Drying 12pcs

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P&G Ariel Bio Detergent 4D Gel Ball (Green) - Indoor Drying 12pcs

  • Ariel Ion Power Gel cleans up without bleaching agent。
  • It can prevent mildew in the washing tub, mildew in the washing tub.
  • Antibacterial at the time of drying, and antibacterial on wearing.
  • 3-step antibacterial at Ariel.
  • It is suitable for washing of 30 L to 65 L (2-6kg).
  • Full automatic washing machine / drum type washing machine OK.
  • It can be used the same number as concentrated detergent.
  • Rinse once OK.
  • Scent of citrus green.

  • Newly added "carbonation function", which is different from the 3D version by adding this feature without actual carbonation ingredients. Utilizing carbonation mode to decompose dirt, stains, grease, sweat stains, yellow spots, and more. The brand-new 4D design eliminates the need for additional cleaning of the washing machine drum and decomposes stubborn dirt on clothes, leaving no detergent residue after washing.

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