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MINON Baby Body Wash and Shampoo 350ml

$24.80 Incl GST

MINON Baby Body Wash and Shampoo 350ml

MINON Baby Body Wash and Shampoo 350ml

Minon Baby Shampoo is formulated with plant-derived amino acid as a cleansing component which has the same pH as normal skin.

This gentle Japanese body soap does not stress the skin, protecting the skin's moisture barrier and promoting a hydrated and smooth finish.

Suitable for babies and people with sensitive and dry skin.

Made with minimum allergenic ingredients.

Fragrance-free • Color-free • Weak acidity 


Gently wash your skin, and rinse well.

Suitable for both hair and body.

Product specifications

  • Contents: 350ml
  • Manufacturer: Daiichi Sankyo
  • Made in Japan

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