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Sophie 100% Organic Cotton Daily Wingless Sanitary Pad 14cm 52pcs

$9.80 Incl GST

Sophie 100% Organic Cotton Daily Wingless Sanitary Pad 14cm 52pcs

"Let's start doing something good for you" Organic cotton.
Luxuriously using organic cotton that is particular about the material.
We are particular about the material that is most gentle on the delicate skin of women.
Organic cotton is used for the sheet that comes into direct contact with the skin, so it feels natural and gentle.
● Uses 100% organic cotton.
100% organic cotton is used for the upper layer of the surface that the delicate zone touches.
● It is hard to get stuffy and rash.
Since the panty liner is applied to the skin every day, we paid particular attention to breathability.
Uses a fully breathable back sheet and a fluffy cotton sheet that contains plenty of air.
● Ingenuity of the surface sheet.
Adopting a smooth surface sheet, the vaginal discharge does not easily touch the skin, so it keeps smooth for a long time. Achieved a comfortable fit.

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