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Japan Lion Food Stains Remover 160g (Light Blue)

$9.80 Incl GST

Japan Lion Food Stains Remover 160g (Light Blue)

With the synergistic effect of "New Bleach Cleaning Component" and "Directly Coated Type Container", clean spots of spillage are cleanly removed.

Adopting the "New Bleach Cleaning Component" which adds cleaning ingredients to bleaching ingredients, exerts high effect on stains of meat sauce and oil stains such as lipstick.

It has high penetrating power to the fabric and has a high effect of removing dirt, so it shows a high effect on dirt adhered to fashionable wear and silk, etc.

Since the newly developed "direct application type container" can be applied directly to the dirt, the liquid easily permeates, and further, the application part does not damage the fabric.

How to use:

Directly cover the soiled part, soak a sufficient amount of soak (lightly strike the persistent soil), wash immediately with laundry detergent that matches the fiber without leaving it.

Apply clothing with unevenness such as a sweater so that it gently strikes.

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