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Skater Sumikko Gurashi Thermal Insulation Lunch Box Kit 5 pics

  • Brand:Skater
  • Availability:In Stock
$65.90 Incl GST

Size: Approx. 90 x 173 x 130 mm

Capacity: Insulation jar / approx. 240 ml, vegetable bowl / approx. 160 ml x 2


An ultra-lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry lunch box with a heat-retaining jar.

Ultra-lightweight and compact, lighter than our conventional products.

As it is a heat-retaining jar, you can keep the warmth of rice until lunchtime.

The lid of the vegetable bowl is dome-shaped, and side dishes are fluffy and hard to crush.

The lunch bag is compact in size and has a mesh pocket on the back of the lid for sprinkling.

The tip of the fork is made of stainless steel.

It comes with a fork case so you can carry it hygienically.

The amount of rice that goes into the heat insulation jar, about 1.2 cups of tea bowl (about 200 ml).

Remove the lid from the vegetable container and microwave it.

Heat retention effect / 54 degrees or more (6 hours)


Heat insulation jar body : Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)

Lid: Polypropylene (foamed polystyrene)

Packing: Silicone rubber

bottom plate: Elastomer resin

Vegetable container body: Polypropylene (Heat-resistant temperature / 140 degrees)

Vegetable container lid: Polyester (Heat-resistant temperature) / 70 degrees)

Fork tip: Stainless steel

Fork handle / Case body: ABS resin (heat resistant temperature / 80 degrees)

Lid: AS resin (heat resistant temperature / 80 degrees)

Lunch bag: Polyester

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