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Skater Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch box - Mickey 600ml

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$65.00 Incl GST

Hot rice and noodles in a fashionable bowl style! 
Durable, Stainless Vacuum insulated lunch box 

● Superior heat retention power Not only the main body but also the lid has a vacuum double structure, so it has excellent heat retention effect.  
● Although it is compact, the inner container can be stacked on the large-capacity stainless steel body, making it compact and compact. The inner container has a packing that prevents it from leaking.  
● The size of the rice in the main body, which is large and contains a lot of side dishes, is about 1.8 cups of teacup 
● If you put the noodles and rice on the rice before you eat it, the rice won't be spoiled. With a vacuum double structure, the cooling effect is also high, and the salads are kept cool.  
● Microwave oven is OK if the inside cap is removed. 
● Easy to clean. Clear coating makes it difficult to get dirty. 
Important note: Before adding ingredients to the pot, be sure to add hot water to warm the pot body.  As with all heat insulation jar products, the original heat insulation effect is demonstrated by using the main body after warming it in hot water in advance.
■ Designed in Japan, made in China
 Materials / Ingredients: Heat retention effect (approx.) 56 degrees or more (6 hours) 
Material Body / Cover: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating) 
Stopper: Stainless steel 
container / Medium lid: Polypropylene 
packing: Silicone rubber 
Bottom plate: Elastomer
Size (approx.) Diameter 11.6 x Height 12cm 
* Medium container: Depth 4.5cm 

Product weight (approx.) 422 g 

Capacity (approx.) Total capacity: 600ml 
* Body: 370ml 
* Medium container: 230ml