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Skater Lightweight Thermal Insulation Bowl/Lunch Jar - Fun With Friends 570ml

  • Brand:Skater
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$65.00 Incl GST

A bowl-shaped insulated lunch jar where you can enjoy a variety of menus. 
Easy to carry because it is super lightweight and compact. 
A two-layer structure consisting of a medium container for storing ingredients and the body of the heat insulation jar. 
The main body is made of stainless steel with a vacuum double structure and can be kept warm and cool, so you can enjoy both warm and cold. 

The inner container can be packed with dishes, and dishes such as savory curry are OK. 
Note: Inner container is microwave safe

You can taste rice and noodles in a bowl style, and you can add ingredients to the noodles and rice soup. 

The lid has a handle that is easy to carry. 

The main body capacity is about 1.6 cups of tea bowl (about 200ml). 

Thermal insulation effect / 52 degrees or more (6 hours)

 Size: About diameter 116 × height 120mm 
 Capacity: Mid container / about 250ml , body / about 320ml