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P&G Detergent Gel Ball - Pink 18pcs

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Ariel  Power Gel cleans up without bleaching agent.
It can prevent mildew in the washing tub.
Antibacterial at the time of drying, and antibacterial on wearing.
3-step antibacterial at Ariel.
It is suitable for washing of 30 L to 65 L (2-6kg).
Full automatic washing machine / drum type washing machine OK.
It can be used the same number as concentrated detergent.
Rinse once OK.

Note: There’s a variety of different colours with different ‘functions’ of the detergent:
Dark blue -3-one: 50-fold seed antibacterial cleaning dirt +100 + Advanced white laundry
Dark green -3-one: 50-fold seed antibacterial cleaning dirt +100 + fragrance also the laundry
Light blue: Platinum white floral leaves with soft fine
Pale pink: Peony flowers with soft fine