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Skater Lightweight Thermal Insulation Bowl/Lunch Jar - Lisa Larson 540ml

  • Brand:Skater
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$58.00 Incl GST

A bowl-shaped insulated lunch jar where you can enjoy a variety of menus. 
Easy to carry because it is super lightweight and compact. 
A two-layer structure consisting of a medium container for storing ingredients and the body of the heat insulation jar. 
The main body is made of stainless steel with a vacuum double structure and can be kept warm and cool, so you can enjoy both warm and cold . 

The inner container can be packed with dishes, and dishes such as savory curry are OK. 
Note: Inner container is microwave safe

You can taste rice and noodles in a bowl style, and you can add ingredients to the noodles and rice soup. 

The lid has a handle that is easy to carry. 

Main body capacity is about 1.6 cups of tea bowl (about 200ml)  . 

Thermal insulation effect / 52 degrees or more (6 hours)

 Size: About diameter 115 × height 140mm 
 Capacity: Mid container / about 220ml , body / about 320ml