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Moony Organic Cotton Pants L 36pcs (9-14kg) - For shipping outside Auckland, please contact us

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The first in Japan(*)! Diapers containing organic cotton!

  • With soft skin touch “organic cotton containing surface sheets”, no need to worry about delicate babies’ skin.
  • “Additive-free(*) & mildly acidic” sheets gently wrap around babies’ skin.
  • High waist diapers made with soft and stretchable material that completely cover buttocks make your worries about slipping and leakage disappear
  • “Secure Long Side Guard” perfectly fits the inner thigh and leaves no gaps for leakage around active legs.
  • Designed for babies

    Designed for babies1

    The first in Japan!*Surface sheet conaining organic cotton

    Additive-free & mildly acidic sheets make diapers gentle and hypoallergenic.

    Compared to our previous product,

    fluffiness increased by as much as 20%.

    Organic cotton is contained in the surface sheets of the diapers, which makes babies comfortable as if in mom's hands! It has a soft touch to the skin, so no need to worry about delicate babies’ skin.

    *On surface sheets of major disposable baby diapers in Japan. Unicharm research in March 2016.

    Designed for babies2

    The material that touches the skin is an additive-free#, and weak acidic sheet

    The sheet that touches the baby's skin does not contain four ingredients of petroleum-derived oil, fragrance, latex and synthetic coloring that will be a mom's concern.

    Allergy tested * 2

    And the sheet is weakly acidic.

    Designed for babies3

    New technology! Three additive-free vegetable oil formulations

    The best balance of olive oil, jojoba oil and rice oil with moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

    It is blended in a material that touches delicate baby's skin.

    Designed for babies4

    Fully high waist

    A baby's characteristic round belly is wrapped gently and the diaper does not slip down.

    So even if the baby moves, it's safe from leaks.

    Designed for babies5

    Safe long guard

    It fits perfectly to the inner thigh part and does not create a gap that leaks around the thigh that moves around a lot.

    Please make sure the gather is standing firmly.

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    Diapers colors and designs may vary with the actual product.