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Skater Baby Food Scissors With Case - Disney

  • Brand:Skater
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$13.80 Incl GST

As kids grow mature enough to share the same dishes with other family members, the food cutter makes transition even smoother.

Noodles, vegetables and meat which is hard to chew for younger children can be easily cut into small pieces ♪ 

●Make transition to family meal time smoother.

●When food is cut open, parents can double check whether is fully done. 

●With case which is convenient for carrying around, and prevents a dirt! 

●Curve shape, easy to handle

●Dishwasher safe

●Size (about) 
Scissors: Approximately 80*113mm 
A case: Approximately 80*127mm 

●Product weight (about): 59 g 

The scissors body: ABS resin 
A steering wheel: Elastomer resin 
A case: Polypropylene 

●A country of origin: China