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『Special』CHU CHU Wide Neck PPSU Bottle 240ml with Training Teat -PINK

  • Brand:CHU CHU
  • Availability:In Stock
$10.00 $31.30 Incl GST

PPSU is the world's best BPA free baby bottle material.


Researches have shown that if a baby likes an easy sucking bottles, it will be difficult for him to return to breastfeeding. Most baby bottles on the market are easy sucking bottles, which do not request a baby to suck more deeply like sucking his/her mum's nipple. 

This bottle is equipped with a world famous Chu Chu Training Teat, a special super cross cut teat . So, it has the unique feature of a super cross cut teat, which makes a baby more active in bottle feeding . Milk only flows when the teat is sucked by a baby, the deeper a baby sucks the bottle, the quicker milk will flow.

Unlike any other teat in the world, the opening of Chu Chu training teat is not at the top of a teat, it is in the centre of the teat, about 8mm under the top. This feature requires a baby to suck more deeply to obtain milk, this is also how breastfeeding works for a baby.

Wide neck is easier for milk powder fill, but it requires some sucking force .So, if your baby prefers to open their mouth widely when sucking mum's breast, then this bottle will be their best choice.

If you want to get an easier sucking bottle for your baby, then this one is not the right choice;

if your baby has been using an easy sucking bottle, then this one is not the right choice;

It is more suitable for a newborn baby who needs to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

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