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Gum Kids Toothbrush (1-5yrs) - Pink

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Gum Kids Toothbrush (1-5yrs) - Pink

GUM children's toothbrush, doubly care for children's young teeth, children's teeth are in the developmental stage, need to take extra care, GUM children's toothbrush series according to the characteristics of children's oral design, combined with the performance of fun intelligent cartoon image, to stimulate children's imagination, increase the fun of brushing, doubly care for children's young teeth, so that children can enjoy the happy smile of innocence.

1-5 years old children use 

High-density implant technology can effectively strengthen the cleaning power of the bristles, and let the bristles in the cleaning process will not fall back on the bristles, have the toughness, to extend the life of the bristles. The gums play a very good massage effect.

Cute cartoon non-slip brush handle, comfortable and easy to grip, lively and cute shape, can increase the baby's interest in brushing teeth, but also beneficial to intellectual development.