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Get a Changing Mat NZ for your Little One

While a lot of people simply throw a towel on the bed to make their own changing station, there are a number of benefits of a changing mat NZ for your baby. Plus, they are extremely affordable and come in a variety of designs.

Why do you need a changing mat NZ for your baby?

The truth is that babies need to be changed multiple times within a day. It is quite common for a newborn to need changing at least 8-10 times per day, while older babies need changing 5-7 times per day. In order to prevent diaper rash and for sanitary reasons, you must change the diaper when required. As long as your child uses diapers, be sure to keep a changing mat NZ within your hand.

Listed below are some of the benefits offered by changing mat NZ:

Maintains Nursery Room Cleanliness

The first and the most important benefit of using a changing mat NZ is that it helps you keep your nursery room clean. If you mostly change your baby’s diapers on a bed or if the diaper changing table is inside the nursery room, make sure you use a changing mat NZ to prevent the cushion underneath from getting stained by poop or pee. Moreover, if your child throws tantrums while changing the diaper or moves a lot, the mess will be caught by the changing mat NZ.

Keeps Your Baby Comfortable

Parents sometimes forget about the mess created by diaper changing because babies usually cry and do not stay still when they feel uncomfortable. A changing mat NZ made from high-quality cotton material will keep your little one cool in summer, while mats made with polyester are perfect for cold weather. Your child will feel comfortable because the mat will keep them warm or cold even when their bottoms are exposed. It will allow you to put the diaper on your child within minutes.

A Clean Pad Outdoors

Many public places are baby and parents-friendly. Most shopping malls have dedicated rooms for diaper changing and breastfeeding. Yet, many parents think twice before laying their child on a public diaper changing bed right away. Your personal changing mat NZ will keep your child safe from microscopic germs and bacteria that can spread easily through a public diaper changing bed. Your baby will be able to lie on a clean mat and will feel less anxious as the changing mat will be familiar to them.

Look For the Best Changing Mat NZ

Always opt for the best diaper changing mat NZ. Make sure you choose the mat with the following characteristics:

Safe to Use

When it comes to babies, security always comes first. Go for changing mat NZ which has straps that can secure your little one’s upper half of the body and another strap that can be attached to the diaper changing table.

Soft and Free From Allergens

Check the fabric used for the mat. Some babies are allergic to fleece or polyester, so you can choose cotton in this case. Only buy mats that are BPA-free and are marked with safety certification.