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Fumakilla Ultra Extreme Flutter Cubes 2pcs

$22.90 Incl GST

Fumakilla Ultra Extreme Flutter Cubes 2pcs

Works right to the end!
Shape, colour and scent keep flies away! Super strong attractant trap!

The cube shape produces shadows that are easily recognised by flies, visually attracting them as they fly by.

The Malaise trap system utilises the climbing habit of the fly to attract the fly into the container.

The two-tone green and black colours favoured by blowflies attract them firmly.

Three types of specially selected attractants made from vinegar and alcohol, which flies like, plus amino seasonings, are used to attract the flies strongly.
Installed in places where insecticides cannot be sprayed!
In kitchens and sinks. Around rubbish bins. Kitchens of restaurants. Can also be used around foodstuffs and around insect and small animal breeding cases.

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