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Bumkins NZ Products for Your Kids That Will Make Things Easier

There are several ways to ensure that your child is thriving and living in a healthy way that will make your mom life easier. The easy way to do this is by having all the necessary products your child will need. Listed below are some of the Bumkins NZ products that you must have because they will make your and your little one’s life easier.

Bumkins NZ Silicone Grip Dish

The Bumkins NZ Grip Dish is one of the best suction plates available in the market. It offers long-term suction of various surfaces, plus it is made from durable silicone and is very easy to clean. Moreover, the best part about the Bumkins NZ grip dish is that it sticks amazingly to smooth surfaces like quartz countertops and plastic trays.

You can use this dish with your toddler as it feels nice and is super sturdy which means it will last quite a while. Additionally, the fact that it is made from 100% food-grade silicone and is free of harmful chemicals like lead, PVC, BPAs or phthalates, makes it parents number one choice. Unlike various expensive plates, this one is dishwasher safe. Who wouldn’t like a toddler-friendly plate that is easy to clean, offers good suction and above all free of harmful chemicals? It’s a win-win.

Bumkins NZ Snack Bags

If you are looking for some cute snackbags that are environmentally friendly as well, Bumkins NZ got you covered. Bumkins NZ snack bags are super stylish and extremely appealing. Moreover, Bumkins NZ uses stain-resistant, high-quality fabric to make these adorable snack bags.

 Plus these bags are reusable and don’t come with any stiff layer of plastic backing. All thanks to the colorfast technology, the prints and designs of the bags stay bright even after several washes. Both adults and kids love these bags as there are versatile enough for multiple uses.  

The Bumkins NZ snack bag comes with a zipper closure, however, remember that the zipper is not airtight, and so avoid storing liquids or food that dries out quickly. Before washing the bag make sure you flip the bag inside out to take off food residues.

Bumkins NZ Sleeved Bib

These Bumkins NZ sleeved bibs are perfect for your messy little munchkin. The bibs are made using waterproof fabric that is both stain and odor resistant. Furthermore, the bib covers the entire upper body so you don’t have to worry about the shirt getting spoiled. Atop these bibs are available in a pretty good fit hence making them suitable for 6-24 months old children. You can tie it at the back for a secure and comfortable fit. Bumkins NZ sleeved bib also has a pocket at the bottom to put food spills.

Bumkins NZ Waterproof Wet Bag

These are the best-wet bags for diapers as they help eliminate all the worries about germ growth. You can store wet diapers and throw them all together; the single-ply fabric helps in preventing stain and odor.