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Babysmile Baby/Kids Electric Toothbrush with a replacement brush head - Blue

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Babysmile Baby/Kids Electric Toothbrush with a replacement brush head - Blue

Kids Electric Toothbrush BabySmile for Baby S-204B is an electric toothbrush for kids from 4 months. 

■Massage Brush
Promotes teeth growth of babies by massaging gums and teeth.
Will help babies and mothers to get accustomed to daily tooth brushing. 

■RAINBOW Light & White LED
Colorful lights will attract children in daily brushing.
The RAINBOW light flashes by pressing the POWER switch once. The white LED is turned on and 
vibration starts by pressing the POWER switch once again. 

■Sonic Vibration
The sonic electric toothbrush that makes 16,000 movements per minute.

■ECO & Safety Design
Light with White LED & reminds every 30 seconds while vibrating.
Safe with automatic shutdown function (Rainbow: 30 seconds, White LED & Vibration: 2 minutes)

■Water Resistant
Can be kept and used in the bathroom. (IPX7 compliance)

■Identification Ring
Two color rings included for easy identification.

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