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ANESSA Moisture UV Sunscreen Mild Gel for Sensitive Skin 90g SPF35/PA+++ (6mth+)

$49.90 Incl GST

ANESSA Moisture UV Sunscreen Mild Gel for Sensitive Skin 90g SPF35/PA+++ (6mth+)

A sunscreen gel that effectively keeps the gel hydrated for sensitive skin.

Product features
A gentle sunscreen gel that fits moistly and comfortably on the skin.
Low-irritation design that can be used on sensitive skin, babies and children.
Alcohol-free, preservative-free (parabens), mineral oil-free, fragrance-free and colour-free.
AquaBoosterEX technology" which makes the sun screen more even and stronger when exposed to sweat or water.
The skin is continuously moisturised by the addition of 50% skin care ingredients for a long-lasting moisturising effect.
Environmental damage barrier formula" that protects the skin from airborne particles and UV rays.
It can also be used as a make-up base and can be easily removed with soap.
Creates a natural glowing, clear skin with BeautyUp effect beauty.
WaterProof" has been tested in a 40-minute water bath to confirm water resistance.
Allergy tested (but does not mean that everyone is allergy-free).

Directions for use
First, shake the container well.
Squeeze an appropriate amount of sunscreen onto your palm and rub gently with both hands.
Starting from the centre of the face, apply gently outwards.
Avoid the delicate eye area and the area around the mouth and lips.
You can also use it on your body.
When the sun is too strong, take another amount of sunscreen and repeat the application.

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