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Advantages and disadvantages of Baby Bottle Feeding

Baby bottle feeding is an alternative to bottle feeding. Just like everything has its advantages and disadvantages, baby bottle feeding also has its pros and cons. Formula milk is another alternative to baby bottle feeding as it provides the baby with all the essential nutrients the baby needs to grow and thrive. However, feeding the baby with breast milk is much healthier and more advantageous as compared to formula milk. Let’s have a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of baby bottle feeding.

Advantages of Baby Bottle Feeding

Measured Intake – When feeding the baby using a baby bottle, you can measure the exact amount of milk the baby is given during each feeding. This is useful as the parent will know exactly how much milk the baby is drinking. The parent will not have to second guess the amount or quantity of intake.

Shared Care – The second advantage of feeding the baby using a baby bottle is that both the mother and father can feed the child. In fact, with a baby bottle, anyone can feed the baby. When the baby is breastfed, only the mother can feed the baby but when she puts the milk in a baby bottle, anyone taking care of the baby will be able to feed it.

Mother can eat anything – If the mother is unwell and is on medication or has a habit of drinking tea or coffee, with formula feed, she will not have to worry about consuming a restricted diet. She will also be able to take her medicines on time, which may harm the baby if the baby is breastfed. Mothers who use formula can go back to their pre-pregnancy habits quickly. They can eat and drink anything they like.

Ideal for children who are lactose intolerant – If your baby is lactose intolerant, he or she will not be able to process breast milk or animal milk. In such a case, the baby can be bottle-fed with formula milk or soy milk.

Advantages of Breast Feeding

Benefits for mother’s health – It is a known fact that mothers who breastfeed have a less likely chance of having breast cancer. Similarly, the woman is less likely to develop ovarian cancer and osteoporosis. She will also be less likely to deal with Type 2 diabetes as well as post-partum depression.

Convenience – A major advantage of breastfeeding is that the mother doesn’t have to get up to prepare the bottled formula milk or heat up any pre-stored breast milk at night. Night-time feedings are a lot easier for mothers who breastfeed.

Healthy and Nutritious – When it comes to promoting the baby’s brain growth, breast milk is known to be the most healthy and nutritious. Breast milk has the right amount of iron and nutrients needed for the baby to grow. The baby can also easily digest breast milk so mothers can safely give it to them.