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Best Baby Bottle Encourage Happy Feedings

As a parent, you always want to make sure your baby is fed well and is happy. However, in order to do so, you will need the right equipment. There are swaddles to buy that will ensure your little one sleeps comfortably, nursing bras to stock up on, and the most important thing, the right baby bottle to keep your sweet pea fed.

Whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, or pumping, an ideal baby bottle will make your life easier. It will give you the freedom to get back to work, spend some time with friends, or get out alone when needed.

Baby Bottle Features to Know

Before heading to the market, it’s better to understand the different types of bottles available for babies. Here are some important things you must know:


There are different types of nipples; the slowest ones are made for newborns. When your baby is ready for the next size, you can replace the nipples. Also, make sure you replace the nipples when they are discolored, cracked, or thinning.


Some baby bottles are straight while others are wide or angled. A baby bottle that is angled prevents the baby from swallowing too much air. On the other hand, a wide bottle mimics breastfeeding. Moreover, a bottle with a broader neck is quite easy to clean.

Bottle Size

Smaller-sized baby bottles are about 4-5 ounces whereas larger sized bottles are about 8-10 ounces. For newborns, you can opt for small bottles and switch to bigger ones over time.

Baby bottle materials

Baby bottles are available in a number of materials. Plastic, glass, silicone, and stainless steel are the most common materials. Each material has unique price points as well as pros and cons. While some materials are better for certain circumstances, the final decision completely depends on your preference.

How many bottles do I need in a single day?

Every baby is different, and the number of bottles you will need each day will largely depend on various factors like your little one’s age, whether you are using formula milk, are breastfeeding, or it’s a combination of the two. There is no fixed number of bottles you need to buy, but you must consider how often your baby eats and how often you wish to clean the bottles.

Go for bigger bottles or with added features

Buying bigger baby bottles is good for the long term. Also, it’s best to buy bottles with features that reduce air bubbles, because you will have to buy such bottles in the future anyway if your baby turns out to be gassy.

Think ahead if you're planning to pump

Here’s a tip for moms who are planning to pump: It is better to buy bottles of the same brands as your breast pump. This will help you express your milk directly into the bottle that you can use later.